KFM Deutsche Mittelstand AG announces that Deutsche Mittelstand (WKN A1W5T2) has Agri Resources Group’s bond 16/21 (WKN A183JV) as part of the exchange offer for exchange for Agri Resources Group’s bond 21/26 (WKN A28708). 

Read the full Press Releasehttps://www.deutscher-mittelstandsanleihen-fonds.de/presse/details/deutscher-mittelstandsanleihen-fonds-wkn-a1w5t2-reicht-agri-resources-anleihe-zum-umtausch-ein/

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Deutscher Mittelstandsanleihen FONDS invests in carefully and conscientiously selected corporate bonds from medium-sized companies. The fund’s general investment strategy is based on investor requirements for attractive returns, security and a high degree of transparency.