“Wednesday, April 21, 2021, The Agency for Promotion of Investments and Exports (APIEx) and Agri Resources Group, an international group based in Luxembourg, specialising in sustainable agriculture and food processing, signed this a memorandum of understanding for the production and processing of local rice, fruits and vegetables in Benin.

Agri Resources Group intends, through this protocol, to invest in processing units and set up sustainable supply chains.  The Group’s activities in the country will allow an investment of nearly 8 billion 500 million FCFA and the creation of nearly 1,000 jobs which directly contribute to Benin’s objectives for food self-sufficiency, reduction of rice import, reduction of rice imports, creation of ‘an integrated value chain and development of other agricultural products.

Agri Resources Group also includes on its agenda, the diversification and promotion of other agricultural sectors such as the processing and export of fruits and vegetables (Cashew, Shea, Orange, Mango, Soy, Oilseeds …). The company will be able to rely on the network of its sister company R-Logistic already established in Benin for the transport and storage of all these products to international markets.”