As part of the public exchange offer  (including additional purchase option), holders of the 8% bonds 2016/21 can still exchange until tomorrow.

The Agri Resources Group decided a few weeks ago to issue a new corporate bond (DE000  A28708  8) with a volume of up to EUR 50 million.

The new bond bears interest again at 8.0% pa over the term of five years (bonds 2021/26). The issue is being made by way of a public offer in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (Luxembourg) and in the Federal Republic of Germany (Germany) and also included a  voluntary exchange offer including a multiple purchase option, a public subscription offer and a private placement.

As part of the public exchange offer  (including additional purchase option), the holders of the 8.0% bonds 2016/21 with a nominal amount of EUR 10,000 each (XS1413726883) can exchange their bonds at a ratio of 1 to 10, i.e.   they receive ten new bonds 2021/26 with a nominal amount of EUR 1,000 each.

This voluntary exchange offer is expected to run until March 5th (1200 CET). In addition, the investors participating in the exchange offer receive the accrued interest.

The public subscription offer for new subscriptions in Germany and Luxembourg,  on the other hand, is expected to run until March 10 (1200 CET) via the Direct Place subscription functionality of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in the XETRA trading system. At the same time,  futurum bank AG as bookrunner is making a private placement exclusively to qualified investors in Germany and certain other European countries.

The proceeds from the public subscription offer and the private placement will be used to finance or refinance projects that support the achievement of the sustainable development goals set by the United Nations for the years 2015-2030 in the areas of environmental sustainability and social development.

The admission of the new bond to trading in the Open Market of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in the Quotation Board segment is planned for March 17th.

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