Agriculture forms a significant portion of the economies of all African countries, as a sector it can therefore contribute towards major continental priorities, such as eradicating poverty and hunger, boosting intra-Africa trade and investments, rapid industrialisation and economic diversification, sustainable resource and environmental management, and creating jobs, human security and shared prosperity.

The African potential lies in its land, water and oceans, in its men and women, in its knowledge and huge markets. At our level, we have developed an integrated intra-Africa model including preparation, production & distribution for local markets.

Successful integration: Our subsidiary in Guinea produced high-grade rice seeds destined to our already prepared landbanks in the Rep. of Congo ready to be used for the preparation of white rice which is considered to be one of the three most important cereal grains contributing to global food security.

We would like to address a special thanks to our teams for their dedication and resilience during those difficult times related to the COVID-19 Pandemic situation. Behind the projects & investments, men & women are working hard in the fields, on the roads or offices, making sure to give the best toward a common goal.